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Buying Toys for Babies

The most used toy my grandson has is his baby bouncer. He's spent ages happily bouncing up and down in it. His is a Lindam Jump About Bouncer (Yellow). (Suitable for a child that can fully support its own head and up to a maximum weight of 12kg (26.46lbs)).

Other good buys have been his cot mobile, his play mat and rubber ducks for the bath. As he's getting older books are pretty much a favourite, especially the "lift the flap" ones. Choose books that have robust flaps that won't tear easily. 

The VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball was good for encouraging him to crawl.

Where to buy:-

WheelyBugAmazon Sells the award winning Wheelybug. The Wheelybug is a developmental aid designed to help your baby take their first steps with confidence. Improving balance, coordination, spatial awareness and motor skills, the Wheelybug is fully ride-able and it moves naturally with your child on multi-directional casters.

Vtech Little Singing Alfie from Boots