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Healthy Start

£3.10 voucher per child under 4 per week to spend on milk, fruit and veg

If you’re pregnant or have a child under four and if you or your family get certain benefits, then you can get the Healthy Start vouchers. The vouchers can be spent on milk, fruit and vegetables for your baby. You can also get free vitamins. Healthy Start replaces the Welfare Food Scheme.

You can also get them if you’re pregnant and under eighteen.

If you’re pregnant and qualify for the vouchers, you can start getting a voucher each week after your tenth week of pregnancy.

You can get one voucher every week for each child younger than four. In your child’s first year, you also qualify for an extra voucher on top of that. Each voucher is worth £3.10. 

 Check here to see if you qualify for the Healthy Start Vouchers.

Most major supermarkets, milkmen and also many independent shops accept these vouchers.

 Check here to see which retailers in your area accept Healthy Start Vouchers.