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Choosing a cot for your baby

Choosing the right cot for your new baby is a very important and lovely part of preparing for their arrival. Whichever one you choose, you want it to be safe, you want it to be sturdy and you want to like the look of it. If this is as far as you have thought, you might want to consider some of the other options out there too.

What price do you want to pay? Do you want the poshest cot on the market, or do you want something cheap, practical and cheerful? Be prepared for hugely varying prices and make sure you know how much your budget is and what you`re looking for within that price range.

Cot sizing is also an issue you might want to think about. The standard sized cot has room for standard sized mattresses which are a little narrower than the continental style. Make sure you buy the appropriate mattress for your choice of cot - they should be clearly labelled.

Are you looking for longevity in your cot? You can buy cot beds that last beyond babyhood and these are a good investment if you want to save money on buying a new bed when your baby gets a little older. Often these aren`t much more than a basic cot so you won`t be breaking the bank, they simply have removable sides that turn them into beds.

Teething babies naturally chew to ease their gums and their cot is often the first target. If you want to make sure your cot stays in mint condition, it is worth getting a teething bar, which is a protective covering for the edges.

You might like to consider a bed-side cot. These are cots that you can put right next to your bed, you simply adjust the base so it is at the same height as your own mattress. Your baby will be curled up, sound asleep, right next to you, safe in their own cot.

Something many people don`t consider is whether or not they want wheels or castors on their cot. If you think you might want to move your baby`s cot, for example from their room to yours or vice versa - wheels are very useful! This adaptation is ideal for when you want to clean behind the cot and dig out dropped toys and snugly blankets.

It might be wise to think about travel cots too. If you plan to visit relatives or go on holiday with your little bundle, you`ll of course want them to sleep in comfort. Travel cots are usually plastic or metal framed with fabric and mesh sides with a hard fold out base.

You`d be wise to think about a drop sided cot too; they are literally cots with a drop side which can be raised or lowered with different mechanisms. Always make sure that the cot side can safely be left on the `up` setting. This kind of cot makes lifting your baby a lot easier.

Childrens beds need to be fit for purpose. Your baby and eventually your full grown child will need a safe, comfortable place to rest their heads after busy days spent playing and learning. You also need a cot that you really like, obviously a cot is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your nursery and is a focus for the room. Choose one that you will love and cherish!